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Re: OpenLDAP configure/test error (ITS#975)

At 01:44 AM 1/20/01 +0000, stevecs@chaven.com wrote:
>I manually added the following to the config script:
>LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/ssl/lib CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/ssl/include
>./configure --prefix=/usr/local
>Which then found the ssl headers/libraries.

Okay, I'll close this configure issue.

As far as the test issue goes, your welcome to submit a
separate ITS.  Please provide a stack traceback from

>This however should be put into
>the config script to
>check this location automatically as this is the default location for ssl.

Sorry, no.  We assume that the installer environment was purposely
setup such the compiler and other tools work as the installer expects
them to.  To muck with the installer's environment would deny the
installer the control over the configuration process.

>As for your comments can you elaborate more as to what inconsistancies might
>cause this?

A Kernel/System Library/Compiler tool chain mismatch might
cause this.  This is only initial guess and is meant to
aid you in investigating the issue further.

>I have been running these systems for about 5 years.

Linux 2.4, 5 years, sure.

>Granted that I have some local configuration differences

Looks to me like you are running a pre-release system or
have on your own replaced the kernel, libraries, and/or compiler
tool chain provided with Slackware releases.  Hence my initial
guess.  I've guessed wrong before and could be guessing wrong