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Incompatable crypt? (ITS#970)

Full_Name: Bradford L. Barrett
Version: 2.0.7
OS: Linux (Slack71/2.4.0)
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Crypt password problem.  OpenLDAP 1.2.11 worked just fine with crypt passwords
generated from the /etc/shadow file.. OpenLDAP 2.0.7 doesn't, and appears to
only work with those generated by slappasswd.  Problem appears to be in the
hashed strings generated by the two different methods.. example, the password
"password" looks like the following for each method:

$1$WtcNush3$mMDxjvuWtl73gmfL51QBU0         <-- system password (libcrypt)

sEnmZiwqQzR.U                              <-- slappasswd generated

Hashed passwords of the the first form used to work w/1.2.x, and now
they don't in 2.0.x... the only ones that will work is the second form.
I've checked the executables with ldd, and they all show that they
are linked to libcrypt.so, but it appears that it's not being used
and instead perhaps an internal crypt function is being used?  I'm
at a loss here, and there isn't any way for me to easily convert all
my users passwords to the simplified form of crypt that appears to
be being used.  Any help would be very much appreciated..