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Re: backsql_create.sql file for PostgreSQL for rdbms_depend/postgresql (ITS#967)

Hello, Heiko!

h.nardmann@secunet.de wrote:

> I have created a new file for the servers/slapd/back-sql/ directory.
> Since PostgreSQL is not supported there a new directory postgresql has
> to
> be created there.
> Then the file can inserted in this directory.

Didn't quite catch you... Did you mean that you are willing to contribute
postgresql support for back-sql? What directory do you need?
Generally, you can just post all files needed as attachment, or upload it
to OpenLDAP's FTP and provide a link (see contributing guidelines). Then
someone (most probably me in case of back-sql ;) could revise your
suggestions and commit them with appropriate notice.

As for postgres support - as you could see browsing ITS and maillists,
there were at least two similar contributions, but either had some patches
incompatible with other RDBMSes, which should be resolved in some generally
compatible way. So, they are not directly applicable, and need some work
before committing, for which I have no time right now.
You can kindly post your solution though, so that I can examine it along
with previous and figure out the compatible way to add postgresql support.

WBW, Dmitry