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Re: slapd.conf manpages update (ITS#966)

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Here is the unified diff (attached).

Kurt@openldap.org wrote:

> Please make submissions in unified patch format per our
> contributing guidelines:
>   http://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html

Heiko Nardmann (Dipl.-Ing.), h.nardmann@secunet.de, Software Development
secunet Security Networks AG - Sicherheit in Netzwerken (www.secunet.de),
Weidenauer Str. 223-225, D-57076 Siegen
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--- slapd.conf.5	Wed Jan 17 11:09:11 2001
+++ slapd.conf.5.new	Tue Jan 16 17:03:46 2001
@@ -687,6 +687,55 @@
 .B file <filename>
 Specifies an alternate passwd file to use.  The default is
 .B /etc/passwd.
+Options in this category only apply to the SQL backend database.
+That is, they must follow a "database sql" line and come before any
+subsequent "database" lines.
+.B dbname <datasource name>
+The name of ODBC datasource to use.
+.B dbhost <hostname>
+.B dbuser <username>
+.B dbpasswd <password>
+These three options are generally unneeded, because this information is already taken from datasource.
+Use them if you need to override datasource settings.
+Also, several RDBMS' drivers tend to require explicit passing of user/password,
+even if those are given in datasource.
+.B subtree_cond <SQL expression>
+Specifies a where-clause template used to form subtree search condition.
+It may differ from one SQL dialect to another (see samples).
+.B oc_query <SQL expression>
+The default is
+.B "SELECT id, name, keytbl, keycol, create_proc, delete_proc, expect_return FROM ldap_oc_mappings"
+.B at_query <SQL expression>
+The default is
+.B "SELECT name, sel_expr, from_tbls, join_where, add_proc, delete_proc, param_order, expect_return FROM ldap_attr_mappings WHERE oc_map_id=?"
+.B insentry_query <SQL expression>
+The default is
+.B "INSERT INTO ldap_entries (dn, oc_map_id, parent, keyval) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)"
+.B delentry_query <SQL expression>
+The default is
+.B "DELETE FROM ldap_entries WHERE id=?"
+These four options specify SQL query templates for loading schema mapping metainformation,
+adding and deleting entries to ldap_entries, etc.
+All these and subtree_cond should have the given default values.
+For the current value it is recommended to look at the sources,
+or in the log output when slapd starts with "-d 5" or greater.
+.B upper_func <SQL function name>
+Specifies the name of a function that converts a given value to uppercase.
+This is used for CIS matching when the RDBMS is case sensitive.
+I.e., for Oracle this is set to "UPPER" (see sample configuration file
+in subdirectory rdbms_depend/oracle).
 "OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide" contains an annotated
 example of a configuration file.