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Re: Locally defined attribute rejected (ITS#957)

I applied the diffs, but now get no identification of the failing
attribute when the "attribute type undefined" messages are displayed.
The failing attribute needs to be identified.

On 10 Jan, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

>>Attempting to add a new object with a locally defined
>>attribute fails. Since OpenLDAP-2.0.7 returned to basic
>>definition of "document" attribute, Netscape (apparent)
>>additions used in NS DS, UMich LDAP, and OpenLDAP-1.2.7
>>were added in a locally defined "nsDocument" object but
>>the "keywords" attribute of "nsDocument" are rejected.
> Likely because the server is doesn't recognize the
> object class which allows this attribute.  2.0 currently
> ignores unrecognized object classes.  I corrected this in

>>>From "local.oc.schema":
>># from NS DS (V3?)
>>objectclass ( nsDocument-oid
>>    NAME 'nsDocument'
>>    DESC 'Document object with Netscape additions'
>>    SUP document
>>    MAY ( abstract $
>>          authorCN $
>>          authorSN $
>>          documentStore $
>>          keywords $
>>          obsoletedByDocument $
>>          obsoletesDocument $ 
>>          subject $
>>          updatedByDocument $
>>          updatesDocument ))
>>>From "local.at.schema":
>>attributetype ( keywords-oid   
>>  NAME 'keywords'
>>  DESC 'Significant search keywords from document'
>>  EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
>>  SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch
>>  SYNTAX )

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