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UTF8 Conversion Functions (ITS#916)

Full_Name: Dave Steck
Version: devel
OS: NT, NetWare
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

LDAPv3 specifies that strings sent or received in the LDAP C API be encoded in
UTF-8 format.
But there are no standard cross-platform APIs for converting local or unicode
strings to UTF-8.

We propose the following functions be added to the OpenLDAP C SDKSDK.

UTF8 to Wide Char
   int ldap_x_utf8_to_wc  -  Convert a single UTF-8 encoded character to a wide
   int ldap_x_utf8s_to_wcs  -  Convert a UTF-8 string to a wide character
   int ldap_x_wc_to_utf8  -  Convert a single wide character to a UTF-8
   int ldap_x_wcs_to_utf8s  -  Convert a wide character string to a UTF-8

UTF8 to Multibyte
   ldap_x_mb_to_utf8  -  Convert a multi-byte character  to a UTF-8 character.
   ldap_x_mbs_to_utf8s  -  Convert a multi-byte string to a UTF-8 string.
   ldap_x_utf8_to_mb  -  Convert a UTF-8 character to a multi-byte character.
   ldap_x_utf8s_to_mbs  -  Convert a UTF-8 string to a multi-byte string.

I'll ftp an implementation of these functions to the OpenLDAP incoming area.
  steck001205utfconv.txt - Documentation on the functions.
  steck001205utfconv.c  -  Impementation
  steck001205ldap_utf8.h  - Include file for the functions.