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memory leak only when 2 same request at same time (ITS#907)

Full_Name: BERGAMO Jean-Louis
Version: 1.2.11
OS: linux (debian potato)
Submission from: (NULL) (

we're planning to use openldap with qmail-ldap on a debian potato. the hardware
is a SMP PIII 700 with 512Mo of RAM

during our test, we have a sort of memory leak problem. the slapd process is
growing and growing until the OS kill it because of not enought memory space
(RAM and swap)

after some investigation we discover that the slapd start to grow when we're
sending to it two identical request at the same time on a tree with around 17000

the slapd don't grow if the tree is only with 400 entries.

i will try to make a test with slapd in debug mode, but if you have a debug
level that you prefer instead of the 65535 level, tell it to me.
i can send to you my perl script i'm using to test the ldap server, if you want

we're greatly appreciate your help, because our next mail architrecture will
heavily depend on openldap

best regards,

PS: i'm french and my english is not very good. I hope you will understand me