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Re: back-ldap uses LDAP2?

Howard Chu wrote:
> You're right. An oversight on my part, will fix.

I have tested bind.c modifications found in the CVS tree: slapd now connects 
to Active Directory using LDAPv3. The problem now is that when I do a 
"ldapsearch -s one" (to do a search with a "single" scope), the referrals 
from AD specify that the new scope is "base" but slapd send new searchs with 
the "single" scope:

search from slapd: DC=host,DC=com scope=single
referral from AD: ldap://host.com/CN=Configuration,DC=host,DC=com??base
search from slapd: CN=Configuration,DC=host,DC=com scope=single

This way, slapd sometime gets really further than the immediate child of the 
base DN. Do you have any clue about how to solve this problem?

I have also found some memory leaks in back-ldap/search.c:ldap_send_entry(): 
one is in the loop using ldap_first_attribute/ldap_next_attribute, and the 
two others are that ent.e_dn and ent.e_ndn are never freed. I can post a fix 
about this if needed.

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