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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0.6 -> 2.0.7 problem (ITS#890)

chabrol@webonomics.de wrote:

> This Syntax is according to the documentation an UTF-8 string. So it looks
> like I've to convert it. But there is too much data for a manual
> conversion. Is there a tool available to convert LDIF-Data from
> ISO-LATIN-1 to UTF-8?

    Try the 'iconv' utility: it supports conversion between many
character sets, including of course ISO-LATIN-1 and UTF-8.

> And there is an additional Problem: The attributes
> containing ISO-LATIN-1 characers are "binary" encoded in the LDIF-Data
> (for example cn:: S2xhdXMgVHL2bmRsZQ==). This data should be correctly
> converted to UTF-8. But the attribute userpassword looks like it is an
> normal octet string:
> attributetype ( NAME 'userPassword'
>         EQUALITY octetStringMatch
>         SYNTAX{128} )
> I suppose if this data is also converted to UTF-8, this will break the
> userauthentication because. So the tool should leave the
> userpassword-attribute untouched. Has somebody a solution or tip?

    It should work since such characters are common to ISO-LATIN-1 and
UTF-8 (US-ASCII range).


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