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OpenLDAP-2.0 bug: incomplete LDAP_RES_SEARCH_REFERENCE?

Hi All,

In openldap-current/libraries/libldap/result.c I can see:
 * LDAPv3 (RFC2251)
 *      LDAPResult ::= SEQUENCE {
 *              resultCode              ENUMERATED { ... },
 *              matchedDN               LDAPDN,
 *              errorMessage            LDAPString,
 *              referral                Referral OPTIONAL
 *      }
 *      Referral ::= SEQUENCE OF LDAPURL        (one or more)
 *      LDAPURL ::= LDAPString                  (limited to URL chars)

It appears that matchedDN is missing in LDAP reference result messages.
You can check it yourselves:
./ldapsearch -H ldap://ldap.nameflow.net:389 -s one -b 'dc=org, dc=uk'
-x 'objectClass=*' ref '*'

I was stuck digging in those BER structures in C sources, so I have just
traced LDAP messages in my network :-) The only string informationi in
these reference result messages is LDAP URL itself.
I would like to have the confirmation that this is the bug before
digging deeper into the server's code for making a patch. Or I'd be
happy if anybody can explain me that this is expected behaviour.

Thank you,

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