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problems with `configure`.. (ITS#880)


i hope you'd like to help me..
i'm trying to compile and install openldap v2.0.6 on my solaris 2.6 machine
(sparc).  openldap requires openssl - i compiled it (v0.9.6) without a problem
and installed it with `make install` in standard location (`/usr/local/ssl`). 
now, when i run openldap's `configure` i got the following error:

checking for openssl/ssl.h... no
checking for ssl.h... no
configure: warning: Could not locate TLS/SSL package
configure: warning: TLS privacy protection not supported!

seems like openssl is not installed properly - what should i do to make
openldap able to locate it?

thanks in advance for any help,

ps. sorry for my poor english..

B  Grzegorz Labe                      y<AT>tech.us.edu.pl
F  Centrum Techniki Obliczeniowej  Uniwersytetu Slaskiego
H           FYI: I work for CTO US, but speak for myself.