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Re: client authentication using TLS/SASL (ITS#865)

At 09:47 PM 11/4/00 +0000, Olaf Schlüter wrote:
>Here is a partial success message. I have successfully setup an openldap 
>service authenticated by TLS with client certificates. However, it has 
>been a bit of a hassle and I list here the things I had to do:
>1. As already mentioned I have to use the -X option. All clients enter a 
>never-ending loop if the -X credentials are not supplied. I.e. Any 
>combination of -ZZ and -Y EXTERNAL without -X hangs.

I suspect the EXTERNAL mechanism has a bug or two.  No authzid
should be fine (and is with other mechanisms).  Does -Q work (without

>2. I have to use -O none option to get EXTERNAL into the list of 
>mechanisms accepted by the client.

Yes. -O none appears to required.  I believe this is a Cyrus SASL

>In a succesfull connection I get an 
>ssf=0 display regardless of encryption strength in use (should be 128 or 

That's an indication of the SSF provided by the SASL, which is none.

>My understanding about SASL is currently rather limited but I 
>suspect that ssf=0 is the reason that the EXTERNAL mechanism gets refused 
>if one omit -O none at the client. The server happily continues 
>regardless of the sasl-secprops settings in slapd.conf. In my succesfull 
>setup I used the default settings on the server side.
>3. I had a hard time to figure out what the correct setting of -X is. The 
>certificate I use on the client side has the openssl display name of 
>$ openssl x509 -subject -noout -in src/SSL/olaf4c.pem
>subject=/C=DE/L=Baldham/O=/OU=/CN=Olaf Schlueter 
>I learned to pass all sasl_authorize checks if I use the -X option like 
>-X 'u:/C=DE/L=Baldham/O=/OU=/CN=Olaf Schlueter 
>No need to hassle around with the proxy functionality then. Looks like 
>the automatic derivation of the authz identity at the server side is not 
>working yet.

The HEAD authz mapping/proxy-policy code is under development.

>4. I had to fix a line in servers/slapd/sasl.c. I am pretty sure that the 
>fix is not correct but has been necessary to make things work. I include 
>the diff in this message. The response parameter no longer used has been 
>screwed in the bv_len part, causing ber_printf to fail upon assembling 
>the response message.

Like the Cyrus SASL EXTERNAL code is not setting the response
len, leaving reslen to whatever is on the stack.  You can confirm
this by initializing reslen=0 in sasl.c

>Another bug found during the course:
>ldapmodrdn defaults to authmethod LDAP_SIMPLE, making it impossible to 
>activated SASL authentication. I include my diff for that bug too.