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ucdata files

Running the 2.0.7 code, the slapd daemon can core dump in the ucprop code
in liblunicode if the ucdata config files are missing).  The _ucopenfile()
function will quietly return a NULL if the file it is looking for is not
present, by default, in the directory /usr/openldap/share/openldap/ucdata/
The _ucprop_load() function will then quietly ignore the fact that the
ctype.dat files was not loaded. This will leave _ucprop_offsets pointing
to NULL. _ucprop_lookup() will not, however, quietly ignore that NULL
pointer, it will core dump the server on its first line of code.

If _ucprop_lookup() can be made to handle the offsets array being
uninitialized, it should do so. If it cannot handle it, the _ucprop_load()
function should gracefully shut down the server with a warning message if
the config file is missing.

Or am I missing something?  (besides the ctype.dat file)

  -Mark Adamson
   Carnegie Mellon