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RE: ManageDsaIT and multiple namingContexts (ITS#851)

At 08:03 PM 10/31/00 +0000, markwhitehouse@home.com wrote:
>Thanks.  Yes I will test.  Do you have any information on how the
>enhancement works from the LDAP C API?

The enhancement is that OpenLDAP's manageDSAit support is more
consistent with the specification (which is "a work in progress").
The changes are server side, no C API changes needed.

>i.e. how do I specify that I want an
>LDAP operation to apply to a particular namingContext...

You don't.  Like before, you specify that the operation manages
the DSA information tree.  If the requested DN is at the root
of a context and the server holds a subordinate context, the
server processes the operation in the subordinate context.