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Re: back-ldap problem with Win2000 Active Directory

Howard Chu wrote:
> I replied to the wrong email before. Just to clarify, the patch I checked in
> is
> only to address the issue of mapping the error codes that back-ldap sends.
> The other problem in this thread has to do with how the referral processing
> code
> handles referral URLs. I've looked thru libldap and note that the V2
> referral
> processing code doesn't do complete processing of URLs. (Note comment on
> line
> 841 of libldap/request.c...)
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> > I didn't find this in the ITS database, but anyway, I've checked in a fix,
> > see
> > the attached email. Please try it out and let me know if there are any
> > problems
> > with this patch.

  I have tested the modifications and it looks good: the referal is
still buggy but slapd doesn't crash... instead, the ldap client (I used
ldapsearch) receives a search result with resultCode 52 telling that
slapd cannot follow the referal "ldap://thehost.com??base";.
  With this code, it will be easier to modify liblad/request.c: I
already found the comments about using the url parser but it would have
been hard to implement with slapd crashing everytime there would have
been something wrong. I'll try to fix the referal problem and keep you
informed (openldap-devel should be a better mailing-list for this kind
of message).

  Thanks a lot.
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