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Re: make test fails with Segmentation fault on Linux (ITS#707)

> On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 07:26:08AM +0000, bonnaud@iut2.upmf-grenoble.fr wrote:
> > Full_Name: Laurent Bonnaud
> > Version: 2.0.0
> > OS: Debian GNU/Linux 2.2
> > URL: 
> > Submission from: (NULL) (
> > >
> > >slapd is linked with the libdb shared libraries from libc6/glibc2
> > >whereas the system has a large choice of libraries:
> > >
> You can simply use the slapd package in woody (Debian unstable), which is
> currently 2.0-gamma. It is linked against libdb2, not the glibc specific
> db2 (which is old anyway, and will disappear once glibc 2.2 is in woody).
> If you read the OpenLDAP2 release notes, you'll notice that it suggests db
> 2.7 or greater, which the db2 in glibc 2.1 is not (it's 2.4.x I think).

All versions of openldap 2 series are working fine with db distributed
in Debian.

> Ben

I replicate same results on Debian 2.2 and the problem was in incorrect
with IPv6 (the first try to correct is in ITS #716). Configure
automaticaly finds
installed headers for IPv6 and enables HAVE_IP6 and HAVE_GETADDRINFO,
but getaddrinfo
dosn't work well in Debian. I correct generated .h files (undefine ip6
related things)
and problem disappear.
The main symptoms of this problem:
1. make test failed with Segmentation fault in ldapsearch
2. slapd -d 65535 failed to start with socket creation error

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