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Re: openldap and Red Hat upgrade (ITS#832)

jerry.stephens@sjsd.k12.mo.us wrote:
> I find that is I use the ldapsearch that was included with the package I do
> not get the error message but I still can not retrieve any results.

> Only
> when I use a thrid party LDAP client like Microsoft Outlook do I get the
> Unknown Version error.  Is there a differenve in the databases between
> versions and if so is there a way to make the old databases work?

Please do check files in /etc/openldap/* and do verify that they are
your old files.  If not, and if they were formerly at that directory
(it depends on what OpenLDAP you were using before), they might be
there with extension '.rpmsave'.  If you had them somewhere else,
then they might be wherever you had it formerly.

Please also notice that:

	- RH OpenLDAP is compiled for gdbm
	- It puts the database in /var/lib/ldap by default

Those things might imply you are not getting your old database.

Anyway, this is not an issue with OpenLDAP, it is either a usage
question (that should be directed to openldap-software) or an issue
with RedHat (that you might report through www.redhat.com/bugzilla).