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Re: referrals and one level searches (ITS#818)

At 08:56 PM 10/11/00 +0000, VTAG@novell.com wrote:
>Although the specification is silent on the subject of who is responsible
>to determine the scope, the client libraries should probably derive the
>scope for the continuation request and specify it in in the new
>request when continuing a search reference.  Currently the code is
>not changing scope when creating the new request.

Actually, the example provided in RFC 2251,, implies
the client should rewrite the scope of the URI as needed
when no explicit scope is provided.

That is, the example shows the server returning implicit
scope base references and says the client should chase using
scope subtree (instead of the implicit scope base).  I would
say the client should do likewise when the original scope is
one-level when the URIs returned have implicit scope base.