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Re: Back-SQL & OOB -> working

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Dmitry Kovalev wrote:

> nice to hear ;) I will include your comparison in documentation, and
> recommend OOB instead of OpenLink then.

great :)
> BTW, "fully" means that you populated sample database and see it through
> LDAP, or you even made your own schema mapping already?

For the beginning, I tried with the sample database, but we will soon
create a standalone machine with our own database, which is _very_ heavy

> please test back-sql too - there may well be some memory leak or something...
> Post ITS, and I will try to eliminate them ASAP ;)

well, it does :)
If requesting from an non-valid filter, slapd crashes.
For example, ldapsearch -b "some_valid_dn" "cnXX=*"
->slapd coredumps

I'll send you more info on this :)

Emile Heitor
Ingenieur Systeme Unix
Cable & Wireless isdnet
Email : eheitor@isdnet.net