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Re: OSF or Tru64 or "Digital UNIX" make problems: #: Such file or directory does not exist. (ITS#811)

Nevermind.  Turns out I am using gnu make and diff.  Still, I would not
change the OpenLDAP build to use gmake or gdiff.  I would instead add
a note to the hints under OSF to use gnu versions of 'make' and 'diff'.
It's fairly common to build these into /usr/local/bin.  All is required
then to have everything work is to make sure /usr/local/bin in before /bin
and /usr/bin in $PATH.


> Full_Name: Alan Angulo
> Version: 2.0.6
> OS: Tru64 UNIX V.4.0E
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> --------
> The version of make interprets the comments within a section of them Makefile as
> a file. The format is
>   @# This is a comment
>   commands...
> The @# gets interpreted as a file and the make fails with a "No such file or
> directory" message.
> ---------
> use gnu make: gmake