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Re: Difficult Migration openldap 1.X->2.X (ITS#804)

frederic.bernoud@altiva.fr wrote:

> I'd like update to openldap 2.X, but I've a problem to use the
> new system class of 2.X. I think the shema of 2.04 are incomplete
> to compare with 1.X. because I can't add mail information in the new version.
> #exemple of data for People
> dn: uid=fred,ou=People,dc=altiva,dc=fr
> uid: fred
> cn: Frederic BERNOUD
> #mail information work with 1.X but not in 2.X
> mail:herve@altiva.fr
> objectClass: account
> objectClass: posixAccount
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: shadowAccount

If I remember correctly, none of those classes allows the mail attribute
type.  So that entry always was a schema violation.  Formerly, schema
checks defaulted to 'off', they now default to 'on'.  I do not
recommend that you relax the schema checks but fix your data instead.