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Memory leak with ldap_first_attribute()/ldap_next_attribute()?

  after some hours of debugging, I have been able to write a simple code
that produces memory leaks on my system (OpenLDAP 2.0.4 on Linux Debian
2.2 (x86)):

 [... ldap_search() ...]
 for (a=ldap_first_attribute(ld, e, &ber);
      a=ldap_next_attribute(ld, e, ber)) {
  /* nothing in the body */
 if (ber)

  When I comment out this loop or when ldap_next_attribute() is not
called (when there is no attribute), I don't get any memory leak... This
looks like a problem already posted to this mailing list ("Possible
memory leak in libldap.a/liblber.a" by Ashley Neal Hornbeck on 21 Jan
1999). Does anybody knows what/where the problem can be?

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