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Re: libtool compilation failures (ITS#795)

At 06:21 PM 10/2/00 +0000, jlittle@open-it.org wrote:
>I do question if this version is self-consistent within openldap

Originally you said it worked "correctly" as shipped, but failed
when you forced an libtool update.  I said "don't do that".

If you now say 2.0.4 fails as shipped, that's a different issue.
Describe how it fails and we'll work with you on resolving the

>For instance, openldap versions 1.2.x still compile correctly
>which the same differences in libtool. I am wondering if how it has been
>used in 2.0.x is open to mis-predicted behavior. I'll wage this as well in
>the RPM cycles, but an "error" in say libtool 1.3.3, if such existed, that
>is "self-consistent" in your build, is an error nonetheless, and can
>affect your package on a percentage of your platforms..

Our build system on the other hand might workaround take this mythical
error... and by "updating" the component, you are actually breaking
things, not fixing things.  It is terribly unwise to arbitrarily
update components of the system.

Now, we are looking updating to libtool to resolve some reported
issues (such as AIX/HP/Darwin support) and will take reasonable
care in that the changes continue to work correctly "out-of-the-box".
As before, if someone mucks with the build system, they run the
risk of mucking things up...  there is no escaping this fact.