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Re: slurpd in one shot mode, empty replog file (ITS#798)

Sure. The patch is only 3 lines of code.
Here is the first few lines of the Ri_process function. The new code is commented at the beginning and at the end with //AFW

I don't know how this is normally managed (this process) but anyway, heres the code (nothing changed till we get to the //AFW stuff)

static int
   Ri *ri
   Rq		*rq = sglob->rq;
   Re		*re, *new_re;
   int		rc ;
   char	*errmsg;

   (void) SIGNAL( LDAP_SIGUSR1, do_nothing );
   if ( ri == NULL ) {
	Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "Error: Ri_process: ri == NULL!\n", 0, 0, 0 );
	return -1;

    * Startup code.  See if there's any work to do.  If not, wait on the
    * rq->rq_more condition variable.
   rq->rq_lock( rq );
   while ( !sglob->slurpd_shutdown &&
	    (( re = rq->rq_gethead( rq )) == NULL )) {
     //AFW, start  new code ...
     if ( sglob->one_shot_mode ) {
	rq->rq_unlock( rq );
	return 0;
     }//AFW end new code ..

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