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Re: libtool compilation failures (ITS#795)

So I take it that until OpenLDAP adopts a version of libtool that
interacts correctly with system-included libtool functionality, RPMs for
2.0.4 will have to be ugly hacks? I've checked into RPM, and it appears
there is no way to turn off libtoolize (which keys off a package's
inclusion of the libtools toolset). I may just need to patch each openldap
version to include libtool versions required for an RPM build.

I could be wrong in this and overstating the case, but its no end of
frustration, and I still consider it an open issue.

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> This sounds like a problem with a particular repackaging of
> OpenLDAP and not with OpenLDAP as provided by the project.  If a
> re-packager mucks with the build environment, they can easily
> much things up.  The re-packager "owns" any issues resulting
> from such changes.
> As far as OpenLDAP supporting multiple versions of libtool, this
> is not terribly feasible and makes little sense.  libtool is
> designed as an "embedded" tool.  We only need to be compatible
> with the version of libtool which we "embed" in our build system.
> If someone mucks with the build system, they can easily muck it
> up.
> As far as upgrading to libtool 1.3.5, that will happen in due
> course.  Likely not for 2.0, maybe for 2.1, more likely 2.2.
> At 04:37 AM 10/1/00 +0000, jlittle@open-it.org wrote5:
> >Full_Name: Joe Little
> >Version: 2.0.4
> >OS: Redhat Linux 7.0
> >URL: 
> >Submission from: (NULL) (
> >
> >
> >Although a direct compile (./configuure after untaring) does correctly use
> >build/ltmain.sh in the source tree to create /libtool in the main directory,
> >an RPM build (which calls /usr/bin/libtoolize) generates a libtool from outside
> >the openldap build tree. In the case of OpenLdap 2.0.4, the result is a build
> >using either libtool 1.3.4 (rh6.2) or 1.3.5 (rh70). Both version's have an
> >ltmain.sh which do not have
> >
> >  --only-shared)
> >    build_libtool_libs=yes
> >    build_old_libs=no
> >    ;;
> >
> >  --only-static)
> >    build_libtool_libs=no
> >    build_old_libs=yes
> >    ;;
> >
> >in its definition. The slapd/backend-ldbm makefile calls libtool with
> >--only-static.
> >On Redhat 6.2/7.0 systems (and likely any RPM-based system with libtool >
> >1.3.3),
> >an RPM build fails.
> >
> >This is either an issue specific to OpenLDAP's build system, or possibly to
> >incorrect
> >new configuration in libtool 1.3.4/1.3.5. In any case, it maybe wise for
> >OpenLDAP to 
> >correctly handle all libtool versions or maybe use 1.3.5 out of the box.