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Re: Common symbols break OpenLDAP on Mac OS X (ITS#796)

At 11:49 AM 10/2/00 +0000, lukeh@padl.com wrote:
>To summarize the diffs in the patch:
>- patch from Fred Sanchez <wsanchez@apple.com> to ltmain.sh and ltconfig to
>support "dyld" dynamic linker. Fred has submitted these to the GNU libtool folk.

I apply the patch, but note that the change will be overwritten
upon the next update of autoconf/libtool.  So, do your best to
get the autoconf/libtool folks to integrate your changes into
their base system...

>- initialize global variables to NULL, guarded with #ifdef __APPLE__.
>(Initializing mutexes is thread-library dependent, I think.)

All mutexes should be initialized dynamically.  I have no problem
with other initializations (though prefer without any #ifdef'ing).

>- terminate sed scripts in build/mkdep