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Re: Building OLDAP 2.0.3 (ITS#794)

At 01:30 PM 9/30/00 +0000, anders.ostling@neurope.ikea.com wrote:
>ldapsearch says "Version 2" even if a force a "-P 3" during search.

This is the LDIF version, not the protocol version.

>This might be the source of my second problem. The LDIF file I try to import using slapadd contains CN:'s with hypens (like Ann-Marie Carlsson) and CN's with swedish characters. slapadd complains about these, and I was forced to remove those entries by hand. Is this a sign of missing unicode support ?

Your input is likely not UTF-8 encoded ISO-10646-1 as excepted.

>Third, after importing the remaining 18000 entries, I tried to run a "slapindex" but it segfaults with an error message saying "allocating 6343543 entries of size 45 (or something like that).

File a separate ITS with appropriate details (including stack back trace).

>Any clues are very welcome. I'm trying to setup an OpenLDAP server to compare with my existing IPLANET 4.11 server which contains about 24000 entries. Is there anyone who thinks that OpenLDAP is capable of handling this number of user  entries in an efficient way...

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