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ldap_start_tls failed (ITS#779)

Full_Name: Jajati K. Samal
Version: 2.0.4
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi All,
I 'm trying to work with LDAP replication. Now my master slapd and slave salpd
running perfectly. My slurpd is running is the machine in which the master slapd
running and uses the same slapd.conf file.Now the problem is the replication is
working. I mean any changes happen in master slapd is not reflecting in slave
I get the error in binding the slave slapd.

The deatil error is as follows..
slurpd log is as followes-->
Trying operation <any operation with DN> on <slave slapd IP:389>
Initializing session to <slave salpd IP:389>
Warning:ldap_start_tls failed: Not Supported (92)

Then I found that probably I'm getting this error from
 /usr/local/openldap2.0.4/servers/slurpd/ldap_op.c line number 685 (plz check
this )

This time I have the following salpd.conf in master and salve salpd

----In Master slapd.conf ( related to slurpd )
replica host=<slave salpd IP>:389
	binddn="cn=Manager,o=<org name>,c=US"
	bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

replogfile /tmp/replogfile.log

access to * by * write

----In salve slapd.conf ( replated to slurpd )

updatedn "cn=Manager,o=<org name>,c=US"
updateref ldap://<master slapd IP>:389
access to * by * write

So now do I have to do any more configuration in any place ??
 or what necessary step I have to do??

Any solution is apreciated.
Thanking all