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Re: Memory leak on Solaris 8? (ITS#736)

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for such a quick response.  If it is the in-memory entry cache
and the dbcache you are talking about, I have them set as follows:

cachesize       1000
dbcachesize     100000

This doesn't seem unreasonable to me and it shouldn't be taking up
500MB or more for this to top out.  We have 17 attributes indexed.
So I would think it shouldn't cause slapd to grow that large, please
correct me if I am wrong. I would also think that if it was caching
that I could do the same exact search and slapd should not grow 
because the data is already in the cache.  This is not my case because
I can keep doing the same search over and over and slapd just keeps
on growing until the server runs out of memory. 

Also, I have the same exact config that I had on Solaris 2.6 and I
didn't have any problems then.

Thanks again,

Mark Keller

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 09:37 PM 9/12/00 +0000, mark@pdx.edu wrote:
> >I can run top and do an ldapsearch and slapd just keeps growing and growing. 
> Likely the result of caching....