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Re: assertion error in slapd (ITS#739)

At 11:10 PM 9/12/00 +0000, ariedrec@esoterica.pt wrote:
>Full_Name: J. Cameijo Cerdeira
>Version: 2.0.1
>OS: linux
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>slapd [in openldap 2.0.1] aborts with the following assrtion error:
>slapd: schema_init.c:601: IA5StringNormalize: Assertion `p <= q' failed.       

This is a bug.  The assert should be
        assert( q <= p );

Same bug can be found directoryStringNormalize.

>I was performing a search with the following filter
>And the offending attribute value, as far as i can tell, by setting the debug
>mode to -1 is:
>authmail: vanessacoelho37@hotmail.pt  ail.
>note the extra space before the string 'ail.' It is certainly a typo in my
>database but anyway slapd should abort. I believe the assert(p <= q) macro call
>in the code is wrong.