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TLS_RANDFILE not recognized in ldap.conf/.ldaprc (ITS#733)

Full_Name: Michael Weiser
Version: cvs 20000912
OS: irix 6.5
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/michael-weiser-20000912-egd.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (


TLS_RANDFILE in ldap.conf and/or ~/ldaprc doesn't make libldap contact the
egd since a.) the configs are read *after* the RNG is seeded and b.)
TLS_RANDFILE is marked as user-only. While the former seems to be only an
oversight the latter may make sense in respect of overall security but is
bad for setting up a configuration working oob for the users of my irix 6.5
box. I want to run egd and/or prngd as system-wide entropy gathering daemons
which all tools connect to automatically.

I hope the attached patch fixes this although I don't have any idea whether
and how the relocation of ldap_pvt_tls_init() affects the calls between the
new and old location. It works for me (tm).

BTW: openssh has some excelent code for seeding the RNG by calling external
programs which got used in prngd already. If I had a bit more time... :-(
bye, Micha