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Re: test001-slapdadd stalled (ITS#679)

You need to provide additional information to help
us identify the problem.  When slapd "stalls",
is it using CPU or is idle?  You should
be able to use an debugger to determine where it
is "stalled".  (If using CPU, it's likely in a
busy loop.  If idle, it's likely deadlocked).

Does it always stall in the same place?

Do other tests stall?  (you can run them individually
by typing:

(where testscript is the name of the script).

Does the problem go away if you configure

Was the system build with TLS support?  Does the
problem go away if you configure --without-tls?


At 03:12 AM 9/7/00 +0000, manabu@iij.ad.jp wrote:
>Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 16:59:29 GMT
>Subject: Re: test001-slapdadd stalled (ITS#679)
>From: Kurt Zeilenga <openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org> sez:
>:Please test OpenLDAP 2.0.1
>I tryed but there's same result...stalled.
>Manabu Kondo / manabu@iij.ad.jp