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Re: cryus? cyrus? (ITS#720)

On 00-09-07 16:50:56 MET DST, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> At 09:51 AM 9/7/00 +0000, joop@fokus.gmd.de wrote:
> >-> a URL would be useful
> To be considered.  Currently, prerequisite software
> installation is covered in the Admin Guide.  

yeah, right, meanwhile i stumbled upon it in the admin guide, hours
after finishing the installation.
but i found it not in the section 2 about the installation, but in the
intro's subsection 1.4!

IMHO the INSTALL file should cover the installation, and not some
other document that is not part of the distribution.

the installing person and the LDAP administrator might even be
different persons...

Robert Joop, GMD FOKUS