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Re: staiblity problems on soloaris2.6 ?

> At 01:47 PM 9/5/00 +0200, Tony den Haan wrote:
> >i'm experiencing trouble with proftpd+mod_ldap and openldap
> >on solaris2.6.
> >once or twice a week proftp loses connection to slapd, and i need to
> >restart both services.
> >i haven't found any pattern so far, any ideas where to look?
> Without any other information, I can only suggest you review
> the archives of this and other OpenLDAP software lists.
i did, and found nothing, that's what surprises me
problem is, this hasn't ever happened when i was around, so the thing
gets restarted by others, and i don't get to investigate.
it's production box, so it can't wait too long
i now even have a little script running that restarts the services when it
can't log in to ftp :-)