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Re: _ucprop_load in liblunicode/ucdata.c (ITS#712)

At 09:56 PM 9/5/00 +0000, kunkee@neosoft.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Randy Kunkee
>Version: 2.0

I assume you meant HEAD.  ucdata is not used in 2.0...
but will (very soon) be used in HEAD.

>OS: Alpha OSF 4.0e
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>_ucprop_load uses the following structure to load data from a binary data
>typedef struct {
>    unsigned short bom;
>    unsigned short cnt;
>    union {
>        unsigned long bytes;
>        unsigned short len[2];
>    } size;
>} _ucheader_t;
>The design does not appear to be portable to 64 bit architectures,
>at least not mine.

Write/reads of structures is inherently non-portable... (can even
be compiler (flag) dependent).  The code needs work.