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Re: Documenting ./configure --enable and --with (ITS#696)

At 02:19 AM 8/30/00 +0000, bfriday@lasierra.edu wrote:
>Documentation regarding the --enable and --with options that are
>recognized by the ./configure script appears to be non-existent in
>all currently available documentation in the OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrators Guide
>date 28, August 2000.

Yes, ./configure --help and configure.in provide the only documentation
as to the available options.

>The chapter "Building and Installing OpenLDAP" section 4.2
>indicates that "Please see the appendix for a more detailed list of
>configure options and their usage"

This reference should be removed from the draft until such time
this appendix (or other section) provides a detailed list.

>Upon going to the Appendix A: Generic configure Instructions
>it does not deal at all with the --enable and --with options that
>are available.

Yes, a separate appendix (or section) is needed.

>I'd appreciate getting that documentation or even writing it if need

You are welcomed to contribute to the documentation.  Please coordinate
on the devel mailing to avoid duplication of effort. See developer's FAQ
for information on how to obtain source files for the guide.  Please
also read <http://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html>.

Thanks for your input on this draft.