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Re: ldapsearch fails (ITS#686)

Fixed, thanks.  Please retest once the changes become available
(within 15 minutes).

I swear I my 'make test' succeeded last night... I must
have done something stupid (like ran it against a different
source tree).  Glad that was only in devel.


At 09:33 PM 8/25/00 +0000, acorcoran@vitria.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Art Corcoran
>Version: devel
>OS: Solaris
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>Get the following error from ldapsearch:
>   acorcora@gammera[136] ldapsearch
>   Could not create LDAP session handle (-4263056Segmentation fault (core
>   acorcora@gammera[137] 
>This is due to bug in ldapsearch.c:
>   682          if( ld != NULL ) {
>   683                  fprintf( stderr, "Could not create LDAP session handle
>(%d): %s\n", rc );
>   684                  return EXIT_FAILURE;
>   685          }
>The conditional should be "ld == NULL".