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Re: Back-SQL

Me again ( oh noo! ;) ). Here are the news :

By tracing networks dialogs via tcpdump, I could see that a request was
done to the ns server for an empty string resolution :

                                                     vvv-- empty
18:18:10.935205 <myip>.1147 > <dns ip>.53:  21623+ A? . (17)
18:18:10.945859 <dnsip>.53 > <myip>.1147:  21623 0/1/0 (93)

So I went and watched a bit for back-sql code. Then, on sql-wrap, I added
 on function "backsql_open_db_conn" :

printf("dbhost: %s\n", dbc->dbh);

As a result, I can see :

dbhost: a <-- here
OpenLink: RPC: Unknown host

I may be wrong, but I suppose dbc->dbh is a pointer to dbhost.
Now, if I force dbc->dbh to the hostname I want to connect to, I don't
receive OpenLink's driver message ( but it still doesn't connect ).
My question is, is there an undocumented feature to slapd.conf ( different
from dbhost ) which could be involved ?

Thanks for reading me :)

Emile Heitor - Ingenieur Systeme Unix
isdnet       - http://www.isdnet.net
             - eheitor@isdnet.net