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Re: Back-SQL

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Dmitry Kovalev wrote:

> but also it still seems to me that your problem (RPC - Unknown host) has something
> to do with configuration, and nothing with back-sql itself... ;)

I do beleive so. But as this crappy OpenLink is damn-closed-source
sofware, it's not that easy to debug :/

> 2 more things to check:
> 1) I recall that I had similar problems - something like I could resolve domain
> names mentioned in configuration, but OPL could not - ?! I just set all those to
> raw IP addresses, and it worked...

To avoid troubles ( ! ) I worked with IPs rather than with names since I
notice this problem. But the same occurs..

> 2) whoami -> openlink... maybe you should try running with uid you run slapd
> with...

I've done it, it works also.
What strikes me is that the error is _exactly_ like I missed the $ODBCINI
variable, same error code, same log.

> and a couple of other such things - I think the problem is one of those small
> things I usually spend "NICE" days to find ;)

well yes :)

Anyway, thanks for all Dmitry, I'll mail you whenever I found something (
I hope.. ;) )

All the best,

Emile Heitor - Ingenieur Systeme Unix
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             - eheitor@isdnet.net