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Re: Back-SQL

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Dmitry Kovalev wrote:

> >
> > All environnement variables are correctly set ( I mean, $ODCBINI and such
> > ), the odbctest works perfectly.
> sorry, missed this . ;)
> so, you say, that odbctest works perfectly with MSSQL, and back-sql cannot?
> that is strange, because that log fragment makes me think that the problem is
> with iODBC...
> please confirm, that everything is fine with odbctest, it can connect and
> query remote MSSQL server - then I'll try find out back-sql problem...

Well, here is a test session with odbctest:

su-2.03$ whoami
su-2.03$ ./samples/ODBC/odbctest 
OpenLink ODBC Demonstration program
This program shows an interactive SQL processor

Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list): ?

DSN                            | Description                   
OpenLink                       | Sample OpenLink MT DSN        

Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list): DSN=OpenLink

SQL>CREATE TABLE institutes (id int IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,name varchar
(255) NOT NULL)
Statement executed.


Have a nice day.

I watched, the table has been created.
Well, I'm far from a SQL ( & odbc in general =) ) guru but it seems to me
like odbctest is working :)
In fact, it acts as if back-sql doesn't connect to the nt server :/
Note that it worked perfectly with MySQL on the same local machine.
Note also that the machine is a FreeBSD 4.0, running OpenLink drivers.

Thanks a lot for your help,

( cc to ITS ;) )

Emile Heitor - Ingenieur Systeme Unix
isdnet       - http://www.isdnet.net
             - eheitor@isdnet.net