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Re: Querying from Eudora? (ITS#672)

At 09:26 AM 8/18/00 +0000, ffaure@ftci.net wrote:
>I can search for infos on our OpenLDAP 1.2.9-5 running on Red Hat 6.2, but 
>I have to change the Search Base field in the Tools | Directory Services -> 
>Modify LDAP server -> Search Options, from the default to "o=acme,c=com" 
>that matches the data file I've added to the server.

This is expected behavior.

>I didn't have to do this at the company where I worked previously, and the 
>LDAP server was actually Lotus Domino 4.6a. All I had to do was start the 
>LDAP service on the server, and Eudora would let me send queries.

Lotus Domino is likely taking a few liberties to support improperly
configured clients.