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Querying from Eudora? (ITS#672)


I've checked the archives but didn't find the answer, and someone in the 
Eudora ng told me it could be a bug from OpenLAP.

I can search for infos on our OpenLDAP 1.2.9-5 running on Red Hat 6.2, but 
I have to change the Search Base field in the Tools | Directory Services -> 
Modify LDAP server -> Search Options, from the default to "o=acme,c=com" 
that matches the data file I've added to the server.

I didn't have to do this at the company where I worked previously, and the 
LDAP server was actually Lotus Domino 4.6a. All I had to do was start the 
LDAP service on the server, and Eudora would let me send queries.

Could it be that Eudora only supports specific types of ObjectClass?

FYI, here's the import file that I used to get started with the server:

# cat import.ldif
dn: o=acme,c=com
o: acme
objectClass: organization

dn: cn=Frederic Faure,o=acme,c=com
cn: Frederic Faure
objectClass: organizationalPerson
sn: FredF
description: Technique
mail: ffaure@acme.com
telephoneNumber: (123) 123-4567

Any hint much appreciated