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Re: idl code incomplete

I removed the assert(0).  The "not yet implemented" refers to,
IIRC, a yet to implemented memory leak plug (which may not
even be needed any more).

At 09:58 AM 8/7/00 -0400, Mark Adamson wrote:
>Not sure which station on OpenLDAP Radio to broadcast this on, so I picked
>openldap-bugs. I'm using the OpenLDAP 2.0 Beta code, and my slapd db is
>all loaded up and serving. When I do nightly updates from vrious feeds, my
>slapd server can core dump in an assert(0) line of code. The problem is in
>the code in back-ldbm/idl.c, function idl_insert_key().  The function is
>trying to insert a key into a filled block in the middle of an chain of
>indirect blocks. Then the program runs into line 554:
>                assert( 0 ); /* not yet implemented */
>This is really killing my use of slapd here, as it is happening often. 
>Has anyone worked on filling in this dead end?  What is left to do?
>  -Mark Adamson
>   Carnegie Mellon