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Re: development tree, servers/slapd/sasl.c (ITS#631)

Okay, feel free post a summary of the issue to openldap-devel.
Also, I will soon post a new sample-client/server implementation
to cyrus-sasl list.  This implementation is meant should help
sort out some of these issues.


At 11:36 PM 7/24/00 +0000, mei@ISI.EDU wrote:
>Hi Kurt,
>  I have already started to work with 1.5.24 since last Friday.
>  I was able to get my sasl sample example to work with that.
>  Right now I am have problem to get my openldap client side
>  to work right. It got stuck in the loop in cyrus.c's sasl_client_start
>  do loop call.. something with the callback for CB_USER having
>  proc set to NULL or something. I will debug it more and keep
>  you posted.. Thanks !!
>  mei