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2 questions RE 1.2.11

I have 2 questions about openldap.  We are currently in the process of
trying to integrate this in place of the iPlanet Dir server and have run
into 2 problems, which I have resolved but would like to know if this is
the right thing to do..

First, LDAP V3 compatibility.  I realize the 1.2.11 release is not V3
compatible but there seems to be some type of compatibility code available.
In bind.c there are defines for LDAP_COMPAT30, but where the version is
checked, the code only allows for LDAP V2...  I've changed the bind code to
allow V3 connections, so that the iPlanet Enterprise server can still do
authentication but I was wondering if this is a bad thing (tm) or not?  (I
realize this is actually a client problem, the iPlanet Enterprise server
should drop down to V2 if the server can't talk V3)

Second, again with iPlanet Enterprise, when creating a user the password is
inserted un-encrypted (again, a client side problem but reguardless).  I've
modifying add.c and modify.c to insert an SSHA hash if the password comes
in without the {blah} prefix.  Has anyone else run into this problem and if
so what resolution have you found to it short of what I've done?

Thanks and regards,
James Bourne
Web Systems Admin., Mount Royal College