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Is it a miracle?

I am running OpenLDAP 1.2.11 [with GDBM] on Solaris OS. I have created a
root entry called "ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com" and under people I 
have added about 40 entries with DN similar to 
"uid=user??, ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com". Later I have deleted all
the entries in the branch "ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com" including
the root entry "ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com"

I observed the following problems [may be]:

1. When I add just a root entry "ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com", all
the elements are shown up during search.

2. I can't delete any of the entries under 
"ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com". I get the following message:
	ldap_delete: Operations error

3. I can delete an entry "ou=People, dc=myCompany, dc=com" alone. With
this all the entries in the branch are deleted including the root entry.

If you have an answer for this behavior, please let me know where is
the problem.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help