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Re: Possible bug? (again)

I would really appreciate some guidance here.

Whatever is causing this tight loop around time() in slapd doesn't seem
right, but only someone who knows the innards could verify that for sure.

I realize that using a directory for authentication services on a busy
server will cost you in CPU.  I do not understand, though, how an idle
server with no auth going on can have a slapd running at almost 100% CPU
and suck down hundreds of minutes of CPU time a day.

I've verified that it is NOT threads, NOT tcp wrappers, and NOT the
backend DB (tried BerkeleyDB 2.7.7 and gdbm 1.8.0).

Should I start an ITS ticket?  Can I provide more information to help
debug this?  Should I be giving 2.0-devel a test drive?

Thanks in advance.

William Yodlowsky