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LDAP Scalability (ITS#625)

my company deals with system integeration and we have setup various isp's  which
have their user database on Openldap Directory server for authentication purposes.

Recently there was some concern from one of our customers regarding the issue
of the stability and scalability of the ldap database after having 10,000 users.

They were told by a company promoting their own version of ldap server that
the openldap server cannot support more than 10,000 users and goes slow.
The ldap server has been installed on SGI 1400L Server with Xenon 550Mhz, 512mb
RAM, and 18 GB HDD, running RedHat Linux 6.1.
Are there any statistics or any performance benchmarking results for the openldap
directory server available which can be shown to the customer to prove to him
the stability of the openldap server.i would appreciate any help from you in
this matter.
thanks and regards
tajeshwar singh

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