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Re: Possible bug?

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> I may have misdiagnosed the problem.  It might be that daemon.c
> is mishaving.  However, it shouldn't be in a tight loop only
> which only calls time().  Other calls, namely select(), should
> be intermixed.

That's what's odd.  I'll get > 10k time() calls in a row, then some actual
work happens, then it goes back into (what appears to be) a tight loop
around time().  No select() in between the time() calls.

I'm working on a Sun Ultra Enterprise with dual processors, so it's not a
slow box.  Seeing the CPU pegged at 95% and load averages of 6.0+ is kind
of worrisome :)

If I enable threads, the tight loop appears to contain yield() and
time() in a flip-flop fashion (as my previous mail showed).  Still no
select().  What I pasted originally was a direct paste from a
truss(1) output.

I'm rebuilding with gdbm so I should be able to see if that helps soon.


William Yodlowsky