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Re: seeding PRNG (ITS#619)

The supplied patch cannot be applied as is.  It appears you cut and
pasted was hosed (likely by cut-and-paste).

The best way to generate a patch is using cvs diff.  Modify the
files (in place, without renaming) and the type:
   cvs diff -u > patch.txt
   (from the top level directory)

Otherwise, the basic method you used is okay (but new versions
should have original names and old versions should have suffixed
.old or .orig or whatever).  This facilities application of the patch.
In fact, it best to test your patch before submitting it by applying
to fresh copy of the source.

However , regardless of how you generate the patch, make sure
it doesn't get munged in transit.  The safest approach is for you
to FTP into ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/  and then provide the
URL in your ITS.

Note that you can append information to an ITS by replying the
the ITS mail address with the subject it provided back to you
(That is, with the "(ITS#619)" appearing in the subject).

I await your revised patch.